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why you should be more forgiving 

Forgiveness is not only about others. It’s also about our own spiritual growth. Love and forgiveness cannot be separated. If we choose to live the way the Almighty wants us to, then forgiving is an option that cannot be avoided. Because we all sin, we should forgive others.-Mufti Menk

May the Almighty make it easy for us to to forgive those who wrong us. 


My list of wants


It is about that time of the year, almost everyone is coming up with a list. A list of Christmas presents to be given out, their wish list of Christmas presents, a list of achievements, New year’s resolutions, a list of friends who made it to the next year…. Name it!

Some people have it written down, most people have it at the back of their mind but still, everyone has a list.

I am not about to show up in 2018 without a list so I’ll just sit here and pen my list of wants.

I want to….

  1. Please the Almighty. There’s no doubt God plays a very important part in each of our lives. He protects, guides and provides for each one of us unconditionally. He has each and everyone’s back. The kind of relationship everyone wishes for. Am focusing on being steadfast in prayer, fasting and doing good.
  2. Be happy. I want to be content, care free, light hearted and free of ill feelings. I want to be free from vain desires. I want to live my life in enjoyment!


  1. Be in good health. Pretty much everyone wants to live a life that’s free of worries about sickness. medical bills, being in a state of weakness. There’s no doubt a good health would let you live up to your full potential. Eat healthy, drink water and exercise is all I want to do.
  2. Be a better person every single day than I was the previous day. Nobody is perfect, a mistake today should be a lesson for the next day. I do not need anyone coming at me for something I did a month ago. Am a better person today!
  3. Make money. I have all these other needs…food, bags, shoes, lipstick, clothing and other bills that require money to be met. And so do these other wants like travelling the world. I want to work hard, chase my dreams, make smart decisions and be creative. (am already doing all that, I just want to keep it going)
  4. Travel the world. I want to see new places, learn new cultures, new languages, meet new people, learn new things and live life!
  5. .Accumulate knowledge. Knowledge is the greatest form of wealth. I want to read, learn something new every single day. I want to be able to reason, make meaningful judgements and make smart decisions.

    “Oh my lord! Advance me in knowledge” (Quran 20:114)

  6. Educate. I want to illuminate minds. I want to be part of the fight against ignorance and its effects. I want to change perception, especially the negativity surrounding Islam and Muslims.
  7. Help people and serve the community. I want to offer kindness and sincere advice to the best of my knowledge. I want to reach out to people in need  ”

    And whatever you  spend of good, it will be fully repaid to you and you will not be wronged” (Quran 2:272

10. Build meaningful and long-lasting relationships. when i find a soul brother, am     telling them exactly that

what do you want?

I finally got to put out my first blog post

I’ve been procrastinating about a lot of things in my life and at 22years I can gladly say that am honestly OVER IT! I finally got to put out my first blog post, yey!

how cool is that!

I remember thinking about this blogging thing in 2016 and I kind of tried to open a website that never got to publish a thing. In November 2017, I decided to revisit this idea, check out successful bloggers, how they make a living, how they do it and you know… where I can start.

I came across an article whose author was making up to $5,000 a month from blogging only! And this got me thinking look, I need this in my life. She published up to 58 articles each month. Yes…. That’s how you make 5,000 dollars!

As I continued to go through her articles, I realized that she had written many e-books and is a very experienced journalist who is without doubt a very good writer.

Wow! No wonder she was such a successful blogger.

I wasn’t about to sit here and act like am a very good writer or like my grammar is on point. I mean, I used to get distinctions in English in primary and high school but I can’t narrate a story in chronology, I can’t even get punctuation right.  So what was I going to write about again?

Everyone has awesome stories out there.

So I was like maybe in the future, am …. when I learn how to write, I’ll be taking classes on the internet. (which for me means giving up).

But like I said, I was over procrastinating or giving up on things before giving them a try. Two days later, I was back at it. Opened a WordPress site, it’s still free but am looking to invest more in it and go premium In Shaa Allah.

As I continued to read various articles, I realized that most of the bloggers weren’t actual journalists or had had actual degrees in communication or writing or whatever it is they study to become writers. They were people who were driven by passion or naturally talented writers.

That word, “passion” is how I got to this paragraph!


I’ve read from the pros that you have to keep your writing focused on specific topics say be a fashion blogger, or write about travel. Here’s the catch though, I am passionate about a lot of things and all these things play an important role in my life and so I feel the need to write about all of them…Fashion, Beauty, Economics, Business, Islam, Health, Social justice food, Travel and Adventure, Music…etc.

Sounds like confusion…. sounds like lack of sense of direction!

Why I want to write about it all?

  • Like I said, all the above mentioned spheres play a very important part of my everyday life. There’s no doubt I’d love to explore and document each of them at the same time and of course share it with y’all
  • I’d love to diversify topics to be able to write different things yet keep it interesting at the same time. I’ve also read about how diversifying topics keeps readers interested so am clearly taking notes.
  • I am so random. Consider my broad, out-of-the box writing being ME!

Now that I’ve put down about 500 words, I can’t wait to do better in my next post. Feel free to tell me how I did on my first ever article or provide some tips. I could totally use your experience.

Yours truly,